Day Two - Wednesday, 29th March 2017


Home Delivery World Europe 2017 Day 2

Keynote Plenary

Thoryn Stephens

Growth hacking in retail

•    Using predictive and prescriptive analytics in order to meet customer demand and deliver on time 
•    Optimising delivery options through the best use of data analytics
•    Ensuring big data improves customer service levels in addition to efficiency
Paul Jackson

Improving your customer experience through a flawless end-to-end delivery journey

•    Understanding pain-points throughout complicated Home Delivery customer journeys 
•    What does this mean for Argos Large Item Home Delivery customer journeys? And more broadly within Argos?
•    The balancing act between a pursuit for flawless customer journeys and maintaining profitability in an agile organisation 
Panel discussion

Panel discussion: Immediacy of delivery; to what extent will it be the next disruptor?

•    Customers like the idea of same-day delivery but many won’t pay for it; is it even necessary?
•    What are priorities for customers other than same-day delivery?
•    Is it all about same day, next day, or choosing time slots for consumer satisfaction?
•    What technologies are at the disposal of delivery partners to enable same-day delivery to work in volumes cost effectively?
•    Is it a must have for all retailers, or is a standard 3 day policy a strategic decision to be made?
•    Personalising delivery on the basis of what the consumer wants not what we think they want

10:30 Networking Refreshments & Exhibition Visit

International delivery

Mr Nick Fox

Understanding different delivery requirements around the world; securing international custom

•    Finding and managing the best options for each destination 
•    Quick, cost-effective fulfilment strategies 
•    Breaking into new markets; what can you expect?
Panel discussion

Panel discussion: How can the ecommerce industry overcome cross-border challenges to secure international custom?

•    Are solution providers meeting cross-border expectations?
•    What do we need for harmonisation to improve the cross-border experience?
•    Understanding customer expectations in different markets

Improving Customer Experience through Technology and IT solutions


Interview: High touch versus high tech

•    What will the impact be of increased automation?
•    How do we make sure that we are still humanising the system as automation takes over
•    How can we get the human touch to work together with the technology
•    Timesaving, quality and economic benefits of introducing more robot technology in the delivery industry

12:15 Networking lunch

round tables

Roundtable Discussion Sessions

Participants are invited to sign up to their discussion of choice:
  • 1. Online food delivery – a changing operating model for changing customer needs
  • Phil Cane

    Phil Cane, Delivery Operations Manager, Sainsbury's

  • 2. How to survive the logistic nightmare in a start-up delivery business
  • Lorenzo Calcagni

    Lorenzo Calcagni, COO, FLOWERBX

  • 3. In-house warehousing versus 3PL services; what works best for you
  • Ms Doerte Kaschdailis

    Ms Doerte Kaschdailis, Former Director of eCommerce, Planet Sports and Managing Director, opexxia GmbH

  • 4. Challenges in setting up an ecommerce platform and ensuring that the experience is as good as in a bricks and mortar store
  • Piotr Kreft

    Piotr Kreft, Head of Ecommerce, Fashion House Group

  • 6. New hubs in Europe and European e-commerce tradelanes
  • Ilona Lassauw

    Ilona Lassauw, Founder, Parcel Lady

    Food delivery

    Mr Dave Crellin

    Changing habits of millennial grocery shoppers and overcoming the business impact

    •    Improving customer service effectively and cost effectively through improving asset utilisation
    •    Staffing an effective fulfilment solution
    •    Adapting fulfilment operations to the changing demands of the marketplace
    Coen Schlüter

    Case Study: Albert Heijn Online - "The most loved online grocery service, for everyone."

    •    Increasing efficiency and loyalty of customers, whilst expanding customer-base
    •    Working out its fit with the multi-channel approach to retail
    •    Looking to increased collaboration amongst retailers

    15:00 Close of Home Delivery World Europe

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