Day One - Tuesday, 28th March 2017


Home Delivery World Europe 2017 Day 1

Opening Keynote Plenary

Oisin Lunny

Opening remarks from Organisers and Chair

Ms Valeria Dominguez

The New Luxury

•    High-end retailing; are their different expectations from delivery?
•    The importance of the availability of the entire catalogue via mobile and computer
•    Delivering in 24h or same day to encourage impulsivity 
•    Success of Adolfo Dominguez, with the help of logistics partners in ensuring seamless order fulfilment
Panel discussion

Panel discussion: What will “free” delivery look like in 2020?

•    What should free delivery be dependent on?
•    Where does the cost of free delivery sit?
•    What are customers’ preferences and expectations relating to free or speedy delivery?
•    What is the future for subscription models for free delivery packages?

10:20 Networking refreshments, speed networking and exhibition visit

Improving Customer Experience through Technology and IT solutions

Last mile delivery and customer experience

Cross border commerce


The Last Mile: The big next step in optimisation - Addressing

  • Is addressing keeping pace with the progress seen in mapping and routing software?
  • What cost and CX opportunities are there in defining precise pick up/drop off points?
  • How can you win new clients by giving their end-customers even more control of delivery?

Expectations of “Millennial” consumers regarding the online shopping experience

•    Why Millennials as a target market segment?
•    What have others said about them?
•    What is our research about?
•    What have we found so far?
•    What are the implications for online retailers and delivery service providers (DSPs)?


Interactive workshop

Detailing the ins and outs of cross-border commerce and the infrastructure required to successfully operate across international borders. Edward will also be on-hand to answer your questions relating to launching international operations.
Topic to be covered include:
•    Pinpointing profitable opportunities for your product line 
•    Choosing reliable, cost-effective delivery and returns options
•    Considering international cultural norms
•    Differing delivery requirements internationally
•    Regulatory considerations
•    Selection of the right payment service or paygate
•    International delivery do’s and don’ts
•    Case studies from cross border winners and losers


Cloud-based fulfilment services; what are the benefits for the customer?

•    Looking towards your made to measure ecommerce solution
•    Cost benefits in the long term
•    Quicker, more accurate fulfilment 


Customer shopping habits; how and why they are using the high street verses digital channels

•    How shoppers habits are changing
•    The customer understanding of omni-channel
•    Getting the customer experience right in delivery


The Intelligent Enterprise: Real-time data big time returns

  • Tomorrow is coming faster today, the gap is closing fast
  • The experience economy has arrived
  • Enabling better outcomes
Paul Norford, EMEA Product Manager, Zebra Technologies

Not Invented Here: Applying supply chain best practices to Omni-Channel fulfillment

  • Keeping your eyes on the customer, not the computer
  • Use Directed Work to deliver from the store to the front door
  • Customers as a vocation – Building deep customer relationships through personal delivery
James Hendrickson, Sr. Product Manager, Honeywell

12:35 Networking lunch

Plus join a Women in Logistics working lunch discussion
“How to improve diversity in home delivery logistics”
Led by: Jane Green, Independent Supply Chain and Logistics Consultant
Jane Weaver, Business Consultant and former CEO, AYS Logistics
round tables

Roundtable Discussion Sessions

Participants will be invited to sign up to their table of choice
  • 1. International operational strategies for an online retailer
  • Irene Vozzi

    Irene Vozzi, Director of Operations, Teespring

  • 2. Delivering internationally to the UK and successfully targeting British consumers
  • Jiri Maly

    Jiri Maly, International Growth Support,

  • 3. Getting the logistics of a subscription model right in the final mile
  • Mr Thomas Parrott

    Mr Thomas Parrott, Vice President, UK Operations, Beachbody United Kingdom Llc

  • 5. Balancing the drive for an improved customer proposition with commercially viable cost to serve level
  • Mr Jim Hartshorne

    Mr Jim Hartshorne, Vice President of Operations - Retail, DHL Supply Chain

  • 6. Pack volume and velocity; how to increase profitability
  • Mr Gavin Ashe

    Mr Gavin Ashe, Managing Partner, Kite Packaging Ltd

  • 7. Click & Collect’s Crash Course: What’s next for retail’s latest trend?
  • Mr Jon Walkington

    Mr Jon Walkington, VP, Real-time Retail, Apex Supply Chain Technologies

    15:00 Networking refreshments and exhibition visit

    Warehousing management

    Click and Collect operations

    Delivery Disruptors


    Internet of Things and the connected store; how can you take advantage of disruptive technologies to improve sales?

    •    Augmenting your connected store
    •    Enabling real-time information through IoT technology
    •    IoT deployments helping end-to-end visibility

    Next generation click and collect for the new wave of shoppers; how can it remain fit for purpose?

    •    The second-best choice but set to remain as the free option?
    •    Should seasonal pressure points be forcibly removed?
    •    What will the alternatives of the future be?

    Delivery Disruptor Pitches

    Four of the most up-and-coming home delivery companies have their chance to pitch their innovative product or innovation, and answer your questions on their business model, chances for collaboration and more, including:
    How AI is already revolutionising the supply chain and last mile delivery, with Satalia
    Welcome to the on-demand future. Population:YOU!, with Stuart
    Rock-pocket - a revolution in packaging design, with Rock Solid Packaging Limited
    The future of supply chain: Robotics & automation, with GreyOrange

    Reinventing retail distribution network strategies to meet the demands of omnichannel

    •    What are the pros and cons of using distribution centres to replenish both stores and also fulfil e-commerce orders 
    •    How to take warehouse automation to the next level, including a focus on packaging and customer proposition
    •    The importance of Flexibility in the design of your eCommerce fulfilment solution 

    Real-Time Retail: How Click & Collect success starts & ends with mobile devices

    • Why retailers have often been unable to meet rapid consumer demand for Click and Collect
    • How mobile technology reaches through from the consumer to the supply chain and beyond
    • Why this critical technology ‘link' currently isn’t being managed successfully

    Maximising the click and collect customer experience – with lockers

    •    How can retailers capitalise on and integrate a locker system
    •    Overcoming the millennial challenge of lower store footfall
    •    How big, where, how many and reclaim of uncollected parcels – getting the logistics right

    Understanding and preventing behavioural returns in fashion e-commerce

    • Managing increased operational complexity of increasing alternative fulfilment options in a profitable manner
    • Segmenting your customers and aligning this insight with your supply chains
    • Delivering a better and more cost efficient service to customers

    16:45 Closing keynote plenary

    Panel discussion

    Panel Discussion: Collective working and collaboration across the retail supply chain; is it to the supply chain and customer advantage?

    •    The future for carriers working individually; what could be gained from collaboration?
    •    What would consignment coordination look like?
    •    What do retailers expect?
    •    What is the regulatory outlook for enforced consolidation?
    •    What are customers’ expectations; what levels of collaboration would be to the customer’s advantage?
    •    Building service networks, asset sharing or joining a Strategic Delivery Alliance; what is the future?
    Jonathan Pilbro, Vice President, Business Development - UK Retail, DHL Supply Chain
    last published: 27/Mar/17 17:35 GMT