Gigabit Access


At Gigabit Copper 2016 the resounding message from operators was there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for delivering gigabit access networks.

From GPON to G.fast, DOCSIS 3.x to VDSL2, each operators’ unique set of circumstances needs a unique approach to network improvement.

That’s why this year we’re evolving Gigabit Copper into Gigabit Access 2017 to make sure we give you the full picture and you come away from the conference with all the information you need to understand which access network technologies make the most sense in your situation."

Gigabit Access


  • Access business models covering copper extension technologies such as G.fast and VDSL, DOCSIS 3.x and GPON and how they fit together
  • How to incentivise fibre investment
  • Creating the right regulatory environment for a gigabit Europe
  • Delivering next generation access technologies
  • Case studies from pioneering and innovative deployments
  • Customer demand and quality of service




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