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15-17 October | Congress Centre Basel


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Day 1 – Tuesday 15th October 2019
Opening Keynotes
Networking Break
Plenary roundtable session
Networking Lunch
Immune checkpoint modulation Cell therapy Tumour microenvironment Technology showcase
Networking Break
Immune checkpoint modulation Cell therapy Tumour microenvironment Technology showcase
Offsite Networking Drinks



Day 2 – Wednesday 16th October 2019
Combination therapies
Networking Break
Immune checkpoint modulation Cell therapy Combination therapies
Chaired by: Christian Klein, Head of Oncology Programmes, Department Head Cancer Immunotherapy, Roche Innovation Centre Zurich, Roche Pharma Research and Early Development
Networking Lunch
Immune checkpoint modulation Biomarkers and precision medicine Manufacture and bioprocessing
Networking Break
Neoantigens Immunotherapy for solid tumours Immunotherapy for non-oncology
Poster presentation and networking drinks



Day 3 – Thursday 17th October 2019
Day 3 plenary session. World leading research
Networking Break
Therapeutic vaccines and oncolytics Immunotherapy for solid tumours Immunotherapy for non-oncology
Networking Lunch
Closing plenary
Next generation immunotherapy
End of congress – see you in 2020!




Targeting the tumour microenvironment – Under every stone sleeps a scorpion

• Targeting the tumour microenvironment – Under every stone sleeps a scorpion
• Resistance mechanisms to antibody effector function are complex
• Understanding target expression is key to effective translation
• mAb format is critical to activity and is particularly relevant when developing mAb to target the tumour microenvironment

Stephen Beers , Associate Professor , University Of Southampton

Combination immunotherapies to maximise efficacy

• Immunotherapy/immuno-Oncology (IO) is a rapidly expanding class of drugs which has created a paradigm shift in the treatment of some cancers.
• Progress in understanding the molecular and cellular determinants of response is providing a framework on which patients will benefit from IO therapy and continues to evolve.
• My talk will focus on how best to modulate an anti-cancer immune response through rational/data driven IO combinations

Robert Wilkinson , Director Of Oncology Research , MedImmune

Engineering bispecific antibodies for combination cancer immunotherapy

• Overview of the application of antibody engineering technologies to generate engineered antibodies for combination cancer immunotherapy
• T cell bispecific antibodies and tumor-targeted 4-1BB agonists • Off-the-shelf alternatives to CAR-T cells

Dr Christian Klein , Head Oncology Programs , Roche Pharmaceutical Research and Early Development

The importance of finding cleaner targets for solid tumours

• Conventional cell surface antigens with high expression across tumours are commonly expressed on normal tissues, creating potential for on-target, off-tumour toxicities when targeted by high-potency oncology compounds.
• Recent clinical trial data from patients with solid tumours that were treated with immune checkpoint inhibitors demonstrate that CD8+ T cells can mediate deep and durable responses in solid tumours.
• How to identify TCRs and pMHC targets involved in mediating complete responses following ICI treatment?
• The most promising approaches to identify pMHC targets and their corresponding TCRs will be discussed

Hanspeter Gerber , SVP & CSO , 3T Biosciences

Immunotherapy combination: how can preclinical models guide the selection of the best combo partner

• Preclinical mouse models are key tools to evaluate the activity of cancer immunotherapies. They are instrumental to understand the mechanism of action of tested compounds, and help identifying rationale combination partners for best anti-tumour efficacy
• Here we show how the Pharmacology Group at the Roche Innovation Centre Zurich has been developing over the past years a cutting-edge mouse models platform for in vivo profiling of immunotherapies and their combinations
• The translational relevance of the preclinical data obtained will be shown

Sara Colombetti , Global Head Oncology Discovery Pharmacology , Roche Innovation Center Zurich

Discovery and development of antibody combinations for cancer immunotherapy

• Development of novel antibodies and more powerful therapeutic combinations for immunotherapy is an intense area of focus.
• Difficult and/or conserved targets, finding antibodies with unique functionality, and generating early PoC are some of the challenges to the development of novel antibody therapeutics.
• Symphogen’s approach to discovery and development of potent antibody combinations for cancer immunotherapy, including examples from our clinical pipeline, will be presented.

Johan Lantto , Project Director, Immuno-Oncology , Symphogen A/S

HERA-CD40L: A unique hexavalent CD40 agonist for cancer immunotherapy

• Represents a novel class of crosslinking independent TNFR superfamily agonists
• Increases pro-inflammatory state of all CD40-expressing cells examined
• Induces antigen-specific T cell activity in vivo
• Shows single-agent anti-tumor efficacy in vivo
• Well tolerated in pilot monkey tox study

Oliver Hill , Vice President, Molecular Biology, Protein Engineering , Apogenix Gmbh



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There are two parts to the Festival of Biologics: four conferences covering Antibodies, Immunotherapy, Biosimilars and Clinical Trials and an exhibition featuring solutions for pharma and biotech.

There is a registration fee to attend the conferences. To visit the exhibition is free.