MAbSilico is a service company providing in silico methods for the antibody characterization. Based on machine learning and IA, we developed methods to accelerate the characterization of antibody at the early development stage. Among our services we can provide data for epitope mapping, for prediction of the cross-reactivity, and to determine alternative antibodies from our database for a given target within less than a month. All our in-silico services can be combined with experimental validation using state-of-the-art technologies for the protein-protein interaction assay.
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There are two parts to the Festival of Biologics: the five world-class international conferences covering Antibodies, Immunotherapy, BioSimilars, Clinical Trials, and High Potency APIs; and an exhibition featuring the most exciting technology and solutions for pharma and biotech. There is a registration fee to attend the conferences. To visit the exhibition is free.


Conference 29 - 31 October • Exhibition & Seminars 29 - 31 October

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