Comex 2000 (UK) Limited

Wi-Fi Sponsor

‘The outsource company of choice for telecommunication service providers’

Our rapid growth and excellent reputation is based on delivering quality and cost-effective solutions to our clients.  Using our expertise, flexibility and coverage, our proactive culture ensures that this ethos is shared at all levels of the business from the boardroom to the work site.

Build: 60,000+ homes passed in 2017, with 1 million metres of narrow trench FTTP. Over 16,000 MDU’s connected to networks.

Customer installations: 200,000 residential homes, and 65,000 businesses every year.

Network services: specialist fibre works (PMD/CD testing), data centre suite build, WIFI/small cell installations, transmission engineering, and structured cabling projects.

Comex 2000 has over 700+ employed staff working from 8 permanent locations.

Comex 2000 will continue to be the leading supplier of choice within our sector, where innovation and diversification will be instrumental in continued growth.

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