Ralf Charley Schultze | President
U.I.R.R. | Belgium

Ralf Charley Schultze, President, U.I.R.R.


Caspian & Central Asia Rail 2017 Day 1 @ 16:30

Panel: Rail investment and cooperation for economic growth and inclusive development

  •     Facilitating open regional policy cooperation, exchange and dialogue
  •     Overview of the Luxembourg Protocol and why it underwrites the Belt and Road initiative
  •     Initiating intergovernmental planning and economic policy coordination
  •     Boosting trade facilitation, job creation, economic stability and poverty reduction
  •     Keeping up dialogue and tracking progress 
  •     How to integrate development strategies

Caspian & Central Asia Rail 2017 Day 2 @ 10:30

Keynote panel: Creating integrated railway corridors

  •     Building a unified customs coordination mechanism for efficient international freight movement
  •     Cross border regulation: how to implement a common system
  •     Lessons from the EU model
  •     Developing new logistics hubs, free trade zones, industrial parks and manufacturing clusters
  •     Considerations in designing, introducing and regulating federal systems 

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