Baher El Hifnawi | Global Lead - Development Corridors & Regional Integration
The World Bank | United States

Baher El Hifnawi, Global Lead - Development Corridors & Regional Integration, The World Bank


Caspian & Central Asia Rail 2017 Day 1 @ 12:00

Transportation corridors of Eurasia: new opportunities

  •     Updates on latest transport corridor development activities of TRACECA
  •     Reconnecting Eurasia rail lines, opportunities, risks and timelines
  •     Promoting regional relationships between Eurasian transport linksHeads of railway operatorsInviting:Romanian National Railway, RomaniaPolish State Railways, Poland Turkish State Railways, TurkeyAzerbaijan Railways, Azerbaijan Estonian Railways, EstoniaLatvian Railways, LatviaKazakhstan Railways, KazakhstanRussian Railways, Russia

Caspian & Central Asia Rail 2017 Day 2 @ 10:30

Keynote panel: Creating integrated railway corridors

  •     Building a unified customs coordination mechanism for efficient international freight movement
  •     Cross border regulation: how to implement a common system
  •     Lessons from the EU model
  •     Developing new logistics hubs, free trade zones, industrial parks and manufacturing clusters
  •     Considerations in designing, introducing and regulating federal systems 

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