Baku, 6 - 7 December 2017


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Dec 610:00
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Official welcome address

Alirza Suleymanov, First Deputy Chairman, Azerbaijan Railways CJSC
Dec 610:30
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Role of Azerbaijan Railways in development of regional intermodal transportation

Dec 611:00
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Transit potential of Azerbaijan: the role of Azerbaijan as a hub to connect Eurasia

Dec 611:30
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Overview of rail development in the Republic of Kyrgyzstan

Kanat Abdykerimov, Director - Railway Design & Construction, Kyrgyzstan Railway Authority
Dec 612:00
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Containerisation of the Trans-Caucasus and Caspian trades

Vasily Shultsev, CCO, VIA Shipping
Dec 612:30
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Connecting Western China with Western Europe over the New Silk Road

Dec 613:00
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The South Caucasus-centred transport hub: the crossroads of the East-West and the North-South Corridors

Dec 613:50
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Networking lunch

Location: Exhibition area
Dec 614:50
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Keynote panel: Rail investment and cooperation for economic growth

  •     Facilitating open regional policy cooperation, exchange and dialogue
  •     Overview of the Luxembourg Protocol and why it underwrites the Belt and Road initiative
  •     Initiating intergovernmental planning and economic policy coordination
  •     Boosting trade facilitation, job creation, economic stability and poverty reduction
  •     How to integrate development strategies
Dec 615:30
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The Luxembourg Protocol: revolutionary rolling stock financing for interregional efficiency

  •     Introducing a new global unique and permanent numbering and tracking system for rolling stock (URVIS)
  •     Overview of current status of Luxembourg Protocol and countries adopting the treaty
  •     Facilitating and engaging financing from the private sector
Dec 615:50
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Interview: Funding and financing models for project success

  •     Assessing mechanisms: service or asset-related; public; public and private 
  •     How to select an effective funding and financing model for your rail project
  •     Defining stakeholder accountability and responsibility
  •     Understanding investor and stakeholder interests to inform project management decisions
Dec 616:20
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TETRA and LTE innovative integrated communications for transportation

Dec 618:00
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Networking reception

Location: Sharg Zali Ballroom Foyer

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Dec 710:00
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Chairman’s welcome address

Dec 710:30
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Keynote panel: Creating integrated railway corridors

  •     Building a unified customs coordination mechanism for efficient international freight movement
  •     Cross border regulation: how to implement a common system
  •     Lessons from the EU model
  •     Developing new logistics hubs, free trade zones, industrial parks and manufacturing clusters
  •     Considerations in designing, introducing and regulating federal systems 
Aleksandr Kuzmenko, Legal Director, Intergovernmental Organisation for International Carriage by Rail (OTIF)
Dec 711:40
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The role of Oman in the Belt & Road Initiative

Dec 712:10
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The Australia-China Belt & Road initiative

Jean Dong, CEO, Australia-China Belt & Road Initiative
Dec 712:40
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Networking lunch

Location: Exhibition area
Dec 713:40
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Sustainability and related factors of high speed rail

  •     Overview of volume of global HSR operations and their benefits
  •     Comparing sustainability of transport modes in today’s world: Asia, Europe and USA and what factors influence their sustainability
  •     Meeting the needs of the future with HSR
Dec 714:40
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Managing cybersecurity risks in rail

  •     Understanding the importance of cybersecurity
  •     How to combat cybersecurity risks
  •     How to build the right OT/ICS cybersecurity program 
  •     Identifying the gap and mitigating the risk
Mohamed Youssef, Chief Engineer - MSN and Cyber Security, RTA
Dec 715:10
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Sustainability, new energy sources and renewables in rail

  •     Exploring system policies: environmental, sustainability in motion, energy management, water, waste management, quality, solar
  •     Understanding energy efficient building architecture
  •     Rail’s role in meeting United Nations framework on climate change
  •     Energy conservation in metro transport: regenerative braking system, platform screen door, automatic train operating system
Lakshmi Narayanan, Chief Environment Expert, Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority
Dec 715:30
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Networking refreshments

Location: Exhibition area
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