Dr Veronique Chotteau | Principal Investigator
K.T.H. Royal Institute of Technology

Dr Veronique Chotteau, Principal Investigator, K.T.H. Royal Institute of Technology

Dr. Chotteau has ≥ 25 years of experience in mammalian cell culture including ≥ 10 years in biopharmaceutical industry. Her expertise covers process development (perfusion, fed-batch, stem cell bioprocessing, small-, pilot- and commercial scale, GMP). Dr. Chotteau has worked at Pharmacia Upjohn/Biovitrum, Stockholm, (nowadays Swedish Orphan Biovitrum) between 1996 and 2008 with different responsibilities: project manager for process development (e.g. recombinant factor VIII ReFacto®, antibody), CDMO business development support for the evaluation of new projects, head of pilot plant, expert in animal cell culture development (small, pilot and commercial size/GMP). In 2008, Dr. Chotteau was offered to lead the animal cell cultivation activities, due to her expertise in cell culture and her industrial background. Since then, her group has focused on cell-based processes for biopharmaceutical production and on stem cell bioprocessing. Her group has performed/is performing several projects of perfusion process at high cell density, metabolic flux analysis, purification by magnetic beads and development of fed-batch process for biopharmaceutical production. Her group is part of the Wallenberg Centre for Protein Research, Sweden.

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