Prof. Tudor Arvinte | President and Chief Executive Officer
Therapeomic Inc

Prof. Tudor Arvinte, President and Chief Executive Officer, Therapeomic Inc

Tudor Arvinte studied physics at University of Jassy, Romania, and received his Ph.D. in biophysics
from University of Düsseldorf, Germany. He held numerous research positions in Europe and the
USA at: Max-Planck Institute, Germany; C.N.R.S., France; Cornell University, New York; Texas
A&M University; Ciba-Geigy U.K., Novartis, Switzerland. T. Arvinte worked with more than 200
biopharmaceuticals, three of his formulations reached the market, has over 90 publications and 15
patents. He is Titular Professor at Geneva University and CEO of Therapeomic, Inc. Basel
Switzerland, a contract research biotech company focused on the characterization and formulation
of biopharmaceuticals.

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