Dr Cristiana Boi | Researcher
University of Bologna

Dr Cristiana Boi, Researcher, University of Bologna

Tenured Full time Researcher and Aggregate Professor in Chemical Engineering at the University of Bologna. Vice-President and Secretary of the European Membrane Society.
Her research activity, started when she was a Ph.D. student, is devoted to membrane separation processes with experimental activity complemented by fundamental theory and mathematical modelling. She has direct experience with membrane distillation, affinity membranes, microfiltration, ultrafiltration and membrane adsorbers. Cristiana has a broad international experience having spent half of her Ph.D. at RPI in the USA, followed by a Postdoc at Bath University in the UK. After a Research contract in Bologna, she returned to Bath with a permanent position as a Lecturer. She came back to Italy in 2002 with an industrial position at GVS filtration, before returning to the University of Bologna in 2004. Her recent work is on bioseparations using membrane adsorbers, monoliths and chromatographic techniques for highly selective separations.

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