Dr Charles Haynes | Chemical & Biological Engineering
University of British Columbia

Dr Charles Haynes, Chemical & Biological Engineering, University of British Columbia

Professor Charles Haynes holds the Canada Research Chair in Interfacial Biotechnology within the Michael Smith Laboratories and the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering of the University of British Columbia.  His research program aims to improve our understanding of the interfacial and binding-recognition behavior of biomolecules and cellular systems, and to use that fundamental knowledge to invent new technologies and instruments for isolating and analyzing biological analytes within complex samples.
Dr. Haynes has pioneered and licensed a number of technologies to efficiently localize, purify, or analyze biomolecules that have achieved widespread use in the biotechnology industry.  They include tentacle-phase chromatography media and TEMPlex™ technology, a system that removes a former bottleneck in high-throughput DNA purification and sequencing that was used by Applied Biosystems and Celera Genomics Inc. in their landmark program to sequence the human genome.  More recently, Dr. Haynes' research has focused on developing novel technology for discovering and characterizing biological affinity reagents, including microfluidic systems for monoclonal antibody and DNA aptamer discovery and characterization.  Dr. Haynes is a Fellow of the Royal Society, and recipient of numerous awards, including the Winnaker Medal, the Killam Prize, the BC Innovation Award, and the Bioseparations Science Award.

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