Christian Michaud | SVP, Usage Based Services, Voice & Mobility
Tata Communications

Christian Michaud, SVP, Usage Based Services, Voice & Mobility, Tata Communications

Christian Michaud drives and executes strategies aimed at delivering revenue growth for Tata Communications Voice & Mobility Core Services. Throughout his career, he has operated at the vanguard of the telecommunications industry’s migration of voice
towards data, fixed mobile and the increasing impact of OTT players.

Christian was a key member of the executive team that positioned Teleglobe in international markets, including Asia-Pacific and Europe. He then, via strategic partnerships, transformed Tata Communications’ wholesale voice carrier business from a service to a stable, less volatile business. He also contributed to the growth of new services and innovation in the service provider market.

Christian has spearheaded many industry developments, such as the international rollout of the all-IP infrastructure as Vice Chairman of the board of the i3 Forum.

Overseeing over 1,800 relationships with mobile, voice and internet service providers in over 240 countries and territories, Christian has become an expert in building successful partnerships with international clients across the globe.


Carriers World Day 2 @ 09:10

Does IPX have a role in the future carrier?

  •     Has IPX failed as a technology?
  •     Can IPX enable carriers to capture value in new digital ecosystems?
  •     Can IPX providers deliver business models to reinvigorate the technology?
  •     Do MNOs truly need IPX connections?

Carriers World Day 2 @ 15:20

Reinventing the voice business with IPX

- Exploring the latest developments in VoLTE and VoWiFi
- Can disruptive voice business models e.g. voice-to-video or voice-to-UC, reinvigorate the voice business?
- Capitalising on the roaming opportunity

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