Carriers World Day 1

08:00 Registration opens

David James

08:50 Chair's opening address

Wholesale change: Exploring 20 years of carrier success and evolution
David James, Principal Analyst, Wholesale Telecoms, Ovum


Daniel Kurgan

Carrier 2025: Carrier business models for the digital future

Eduardo Guardincerri

Carrier 2025: New customers in the digital marketplace

Tom Homer

Service 2025: What does the 2025 service offering look like?

Timothy Passingham

Network 2025: Building the backbone of the digital world

Panel discussion


    our keynote interviews our CxOs will join a panel where we will explore some of the key issues carriers face in today’s complex market including:
  •     How to deliver digital solutions for a rapidly evolving and diversifying customer base
  •     Building reliable end-to-end solutions
  •     The role of emerging technologies in your new service offering, from SDN to the IoT and beyond
  •     Capitalising on verticals
  •     Capturing market share in the new communications economy 
Moderator: David James, Principal Analyst, Wholesale Telecoms, Ovum
Frank Paterno

A new era for enterprise voice through integrated UC solutions

  •     The evolution of Enterprise Voice and the power of UC 
  •     Effective communication requires a high quality, reliable audio experience
  •     Creating an enhanced voice experience to reclaim your customer base

Speed networking

10:40 Networking refreshments



Stream 1

Changing the network experience with SDN and NFV

- What does virtualisation mean for carriers?
- Understanding the limits of SDN in carrier networks
- Delivering enhanced, agile services
- The role of SDN in digital transformation
- Combining SDN with AI to deliver efficiencies and enhanced services
Stream 2

What does the carrier the content play look like?

- How can carriers enable service providers to build and monetise OTT content services?
- Building effective partnerships with established OTT players
- Building content distribution networks into your offering
- Defining content for the carrier, from gaming to video
Moderator: Dom Robinson, Co Founder and Director, Id3As
Justine Harris, VP EMEA, Akamai
Stream 1

Network automation is the key to delivering the flexibility your customers demand

- NFV, SDN and cloud as central tenets of an on-demand offering
- Architectures for network automation
- Using AI to optimise network performance
- How does the carrier navigate the complexity of automating global networks?
Stream 2

Capitalising on the eSports opportunity

- eSports as a key new vertical for the wholesale business
- Your network’s low latency and high capacity as a key advantage the booming eSports marketplace
- Business models for capitalising on this new opportunity
- Exploring the service requirements of the eSports industry
Stream 1

Service innovation and scale requires a next-generation signaling-core

- Critical role of the signaling-core
- Virtualizing the signaling-core to innovate and scale in IoT/M2M, MEC, 5G
- Addressing multi-protocol security in the new signaling-core
Stream 2

Reserved for event partner


round tables

Roundtables exploring the latest innovations in the industry

  • Are IPX/service providers ready for SDN/NFV and what are the first use-cases to be deployed?
  • Alex Walker

    Alex Walker, Technical Consultant SDN/NFV, Infradata

  • DFA – Why Wait: Exploring the impact of the Competition Appeal Tribunal ruling on the Dark Fibre Definition and Remedy and what next for managed and lit services
  • Ian Bunning

    Ian Bunning, Senior Product Manager – Data, Virgin Media Business

  • How can carriers leverage B2B2x platform business models to create new disruptive growth strategies?
  • Angus Ward

    Angus Ward, CEO, BearingPoint Digital Ecosystem Management, BearingPoint

  • Innovate like the Internet to create real opportunities for growth
  • Douglas Ranalli

    Douglas Ranalli, Chief Strategy Officer, NetNumber Inc

  • Reclaim your customers through integrated UC solutions that enhance the customer experience
  • Frank Paterno

    Frank Paterno, VP Business Development, PGi

  • Reinventing the voice business: Can emerging services such as voice-to-video or voice-to-UC reinvigorate the voice business?
  • Catherine Haslam

    Catherine Haslam, Senior Analyst Wholesale, Ovum

  • Roundtable hosted by Infradata
  • What does Communications Platform as a Service (CPaas) mean for service providers?
  • Frederik Bijlsma

    Frederik Bijlsma, VP Sales, EMEA, Telestax, Inc.

    13:10 Lunch & networking



    Stream 1

    Meeting booming capacity demand with dark fibre

    - Lighting dark fibre as a key means to meet growing bandwidth demand
    - When, where, and why should you sell dark fiber?
    - Delivering enterprise revenues with dark fibre
    - Capitalising on the dark fibre opportunity
    Moderator: Vito Morawetz, VP, Access & Interconnect Practice, Cartesian
    Bertrand Lenoir, CEO, TELCITE
    Stream 2

    Building new revenue streams with network data

    - Defining intelligent infrastructure, actionable intelligence and Big Data
    - Importance of Big Data Analytics
    - Capturing value in the enterprise space with Big Data as a Service
    - Monetising your network intelligence – fraud prevention, premium service, personalised insights
    Moderator: Matthew McDermott, Director EMEA, Access Partnership
    Stream 1

    Why wait for Dark Fibre

    OFCOM’s 2016 Business Connectivity Market Review which instructed Openreach to launch a Dark Fibre product has opened a controversial debate in terms of how the indirect market can consume fibre into its connectivity solutions.  Whilst the recent ruling from the Competition Appeal Tribunal has for now, put the Dark Fibre release from Openreach on hold the debate continues.

    Hear from Andrew Halliwell, the Product Director from Virgin Media Business who will analyse what the recent ruling from the Court of Appeals means for the indirect channel. Understand what as providers you need to consider if opting to procure Dark Fibre and gain some insight on how the Managed and Lit connectivity provision needs to evolve to meet the Carrier and Mobile Operators’ needs.

    Stream 2

    Reserved for event partner

    15:30 Carriers World MeetingZONE with refreshments



    Stream 1

    Unlocking enterprise revenues with cloud services

    - Cloud business models
    - Developing agile enterprise applications and services
    - Cloud as an essential new revenue stream
    - Exploring SaaS and PaaS
    Moderator: Mike Healey, Director EMEA., TeleGeography
    Mark Lewis, EVP, Products & Developments, Interoute
    Frederik Bijlsma, VP Sales, EMEA, Telestax, Inc.
    Stream 2

    Making sense of the carrier IoT play

    - How can carriers carve out a space in the IoT market?
    - Exploring the types of IoT customer that make the most sense to traditional carriers
    - Delivering smart, secure and global IoT networks
    Anne Perrin, CEO, France, Telefonica Business Solutions
    Stream 2

    Delivering verticals with your IoT offering

    - How can carriers access new markets with IoT products and services?
    - What are the key partnerships needed to capitalise on the opportunity?
    - Exploiting your scale, mobility and security advantage

    17:30 The 3rd Annual Carriers World Awards & 20th anniversary celebration

    Join us for the 3rd annual Carriers World Awards and 20th anniversary celebration on the roof terrace at Tom’s Kitchen HMS Belfast, just around the corner from the conference venue, where you can network in a more relaxed environment, wind down with a drink, and enjoy spectacular views of Tower Bridge, the City, the Tower of London and HMS Belfast.
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