Quentin Bouche | Managing Director
Ensogo | Philippines

Quentin Bouche, Managing Director, Ensogo

Quentin is a French national who lived in France, Belgium, UK, Malaysia and now the Philippines. Quentin completed his studies in England and then worked for a few years in investment banking and management consulting. His last job in London was with Deloitte where he specialized in banking advisory projects for banks such as Barclays, Deutsche Bank and Nomura. In 2013, Quentin decided to leave everything behind. He left in a matter of weeks to join Nova Founders in Malaysia. He was then sent to the Philippines to set up the operations and recruit the IT team for the Compare Asia Group, one of the ventures backed by Nova Founders. After a year there, Ensogo approached him and offered him the opportunity to lead the expansion of the company in the Philippines. The first 12 months have consisted in restructuring and rebuilding the company but recently Ensogo received 55M AUD funding and the company is now aggressively pushing for growth in all its markets

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