Mr Prasanna Varadharajan | Sales Director APAC, Ericsson M-Commerce
Business Sweden | Singapore

Mr Prasanna Varadharajan, Sales Director APAC, Ericsson M-Commerce, Business Sweden

Prasanna Varadharajan is Responsible for the Asia-Pacific region in Eriscsson’s Mcommerce Organisation where he introduces technologies in Digital Financial Services to increas financial inclusion in growrh economies. Prasanna is responsible for market development andworks with the Central banks, Government’s Digital transformation Policy makers, Telecoms MNOS and FInanciala Institutions. Prasanna also works on the growth of Ericsson’s Interconnect Interoperability National Switch which aims at converging financial interoperability, allowing for immediate payments between customers and the various actors in the finanical ecosystem. 

Prasanna waspreviously with First Data Corporation leading the APAC eCommerce initiative in delivering card acquiring revenues from online channels, global merchants and financial institutions.

Prior to coming to Singapore, Prasanna spent a number of years in Dublin, Ireland with First Data and has strong experience in the European Payments sector as well as in the CRM and Business Intelligence sectors across Europe. Prasanna holds an MBA in Strategy from Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia. Originally from Bangalore, India, Prasanna has lived and worked across Europe, Australian and lives in Singapore.

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