Anely Aviles | Bills Payment Dept. Head
CIS Bayad Center Inc | Philippines

Anely Aviles, Bills Payment Dept. Head, CIS Bayad Center Inc

Anely has been a member of the Bayad Center family for more than 18 years and with her extensive experience in operations, account management and sales, she was entrusted the responsibility for the continuous growth and management of one of the core businesses of Bayad Center – the “ bills payment service”.
Prior to being part of the executive team of Bayad Center, she started as part of the Operations Support Team and then was later on assigned to lead the Franchise Management Group to take on the development and management of the franchise network of Bayad Center. With the direction of the company to continuously expand its network of branches, she became the Head of the Corporate Partners Management Group, the team responsible for the acquisition and activation of the major collection partners with branches nationwide that greatly contributed to the exponential growth of the Bayad Center network.

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