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Join us as we navigate India’s biopharma future


The move towards a more transparent regulatory regime in India is opening up its biopharma industry once again. With the widely available patient population and low manufacturing cost base, India remains an attractive destination for international biopharma players.

But there are still challenges – quality assurance and control concerns need to be addressed if India wants to supply into the world’s most lucrative international markets. R&D also needs to be strongly supported, fostering an environment of innovation and encouraging new biotech start-ups to develop cutting-edge solutions and products. If we can tackle these challenges, India’s biopharma opportunity will be extraordinary.


Welcome to BioPharma India 2016.

This November, together with leading biotech entrepreneurs, innovative start-ups and major pharma players from both within and outside India, BioPharma India will offer a brand new perspective to stakeholders on how you can leverage India’s strength to be a major player in the global biopharma market.

BioPharma India isn’t a trade show. We bring senior executives together to explore the most exciting opportunities India’s biopharma industry has to offer. With case studies, innovation showcases and interactive panel discussions, you can hear from the movers and shakers and then meet them.


If you are part of India’s biopharma ecosystem, or want to be, then you need to join us at BioPharma India 2016




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