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Managing Director, Indian Immunologicals

2016 Speakers:


  • Dr R.K Suri at BioPharma India 2016
    Dr R.K Suri
    Chief Executive Officer-Biologicals
    Panacea Biotec
  • Atin Tomar at BioPharma India 2016
    Atin Tomar
    CPL Biologicals
  • Mr Ravishankar Kasturi at BioPharma India 2016
    Mr Ravishankar Kasturi
    Asst. Vice President, Head of Manufacturing & Process Development
    Reliance Life Sciences
  • Dr Subhra Ranjan Chakrabarti at BioPharma India 2016
    Dr Subhra Ranjan Chakrabarti
    Associate Vice President
    Shantha Biotechnics
  • Dr GS Reddy at BioPharma India 2016
    Dr GS Reddy
    Chief General Manager, Manufacturing
    Indian Immunologicals Ltd
  • Mr Swapnil Ballal at BioPharma India 2016
    Mr Swapnil Ballal
    Senior Director, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs
    Dr Reddy's Laboratories
  • Mr Kaushik Desai at BioPharma India 2016
    Mr Kaushik Desai
    Executive Vice President
    Indian Pharmaceutical Association
  • Dr Sudeep Singh Gadok at BioPharma India 2016
    Dr Sudeep Singh Gadok
    Senior Vice President, Enterprise Development
    MSD Wellcome Trust Hilleman Laboratories
  • Mr Sundar Kodiyalam at BioPharma India 2016
    Mr Sundar Kodiyalam
    Managing Director
    Vatera Holdings Llc
  • Professor Ashok Pandey at BioPharma India 2016
    Professor Ashok Pandey
    Founder President
    Biotech Research Society India
  • Dr Sandhya Kumaraswamy at BioPharma India 2016
    Dr Sandhya Kumaraswamy
    Associate Director
    Dr. Reddy's Laboratories
  • Dr Madhavan Nampoothiri K at BioPharma India 2016
    Dr Madhavan Nampoothiri K
    Principal Scientist & Head, Biotechnology Division
    CSIR NIIST Trivandrum
  • Barbara Paldus at BioPharma India 2016
    Barbara Paldus
    Chief Executive Officer
    Finesse Solutions
  • Dr Manjunath Ramarao at BioPharma India 2016
    Dr Manjunath Ramarao
    Group Director, Head
    Bristol-Myers Squibb
  • Vijay Chandru at BioPharma India 2016
    Vijay Chandru
    Chief Executive Officer
    Strand Life Sciences Ltd
  • Mr Supreet Deshpande at BioPharma India 2016
    Mr Supreet Deshpande
    Co Founder and Chief Executive Officer
    Novalead Pharma
  • Mr Satyen Sanghavi at BioPharma India 2016
    Mr Satyen Sanghavi
    Chief Scientific Officer
  • Dr Vikram Paradkar at BioPharma India 2016
    Dr Vikram Paradkar
    Senior Vice President, Technical Operations
    Biological E
  • Harish Shandilya at BioPharma India 2016
    Harish Shandilya
    Head Global Product Development and Reg. Affairs
    Enzene Biosciences Ltd.
  • Mr Chandru Chawla at BioPharma India 2016
    Mr Chandru Chawla
    Head of New Business Ventures
  • Dr Stefan Hart at BioPharma India 2016
    Dr Stefan Hart
    Director, New Ventures
    J&J Innovation Centre
  • Dr Ajith Kamath at BioPharma India 2016
    Dr Ajith Kamath
    Senior Director and Head, External R&D Innovation, India Worldwide Research & Development
    Pfizer India
  • Dr Arnab Kapat at BioPharma India 2016
    Dr Arnab Kapat
    Director, Reliance Institute of Life Sciences and Vice President
    Reliance Life Sciences
  • Mr B N Manohar at BioPharma India 2016
    Mr B N Manohar
    Stempeutics Research
  • Dr Pazhanimuthu Annamalai at BioPharma India 2016
    Dr Pazhanimuthu Annamalai
    Managing Director
    Aura Biotechnologies Pvt Ltd
  • Dr Subadra Dravida at BioPharma India 2016
    Dr Subadra Dravida
    Founder and Chief Executive Officer
    Tran-Scell Biologics Pvt. Ltd
  • Mr Venkateswarlu Nelabhotla at BioPharma India 2016
    Mr Venkateswarlu Nelabhotla
    Co Founder and Chief Executive Officer
    Vyome Biosciences





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Who Attends?


Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council (BIRAC)   Bureau of Pharma PSUs of India (BPPI), Government of India   Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI)   Indian Pharmaceutical Association  
Marken   4C Drug Safety Services LLP   Accutest Research Laboratories   Advanced Microdevices   Agati Healthcare (Banaras Hindu University)   Alpha MD   Amicus   Asahi Kasei India   Australian Trade Commission (Austrade)   AZB & Partners   Bharat Serum and Vaccines   BioAzure Technologies   BioClinica, Inc.   Biocon   Biocon Research   Biodeal Pharmaceuticals   Biogen   BioGenomics Limited   BioHouse Solutions   Biological E   Biologics Resources L.L.C.   BioPharmaSpec   Biospectrum   Boazz Law Chambers   BPEA Advisors   Bristol-Myers Squibb   Cadila Biotech   Cadila Pharmaceuticals   Capgemini   Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (West Zone)   Cipla   Cipla BioTec Private Limited   Clonz Biotech   Colder Products Company   Crane Process Flow Technologies India   Croda   Diabetomics   DiponEd BioIntelligence   Dr Reddy's Laboratories   Eli Lilly   Envigo Research Private Limited   Evonik India   Finesse Solutions, Inc   Foundation for Neglected Disease Research   Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Limited   Globe Pharmaceuticals   Haffkine Bio Pharmaceutical Corp   Hetero Drugs   Hyde Engineering & Consulting   Indian Immunologicals   Indian Institute of Technology   Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine (inStem)   International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI)   INVEST VICTORIA - EcoDev Victoria State Government   IPCA   Irvine Scientific   Jakob & Partners India   Jamia Hamdard University   John Cook University   Johnson & Johnson   Joint Commision International   Kaneka Corporation   Kemwell Biopharma   Kerry   LexOrbis   Lupin   Lupin Research P, Lupin Limited   M.S.D. Wellcome Trust Hilleman Laboratories   Mabpharm   Malvern Aimil Instruments   Medecins Sans Frontieres Access Campaign   Merck Life Sciences   Mesoblast   Mitsubishi Chemical India   MSD   National Institute of Cholera and Enteric Diseases (NICED)   Navya Biologicals   Novartis Healthcare   Orchid Healthcare   Pall India   Panacea Biotec   Panorama Consulting Engineers India   Pfizer   Pharmabio Consulting   Polaris Life Sciences   Premas Biotech   Primetrics Pte   Reliance Life Science   Repligen Corporation   SaniSure   Sanofi   Sanofi Aventis   Sartorius Stedim India   SciGen Biopharma   Seagull BioSolutions   Serum Institute of India   Shantha Biotechnics   Shimadzu Analytical (India)   Shimadzu Life Science Research Center   Shree Biocare Solution   Sical Logistics   SKS Law Associates   Skytech Systems India P   Stelis Biopharma   Stempeutics Research   Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Limited   Synermore Biologics   TCG Lifesciences   Tech-Excel   Theramyt Novobiologics   Thermo Fisher Scientific   Thomson Reuters   Toshniwal Bros (SR)   Transglobe   Trianz   UCB India   Vetter Pharma International GmbH   Waters India   Wipro GE Healthcare   Wockhardt   WuXi AppTec   Zydus Cadila  



Join us as we navigate India's biopharma future

We bring senior executives together to explore the most exciting opportunities India’s biopharma industry has to offer.

With case studies, innovation showcases and interactive panel discussions, you can hear from the movers and shakers and then meet them.



2016 Sponsors & Exhibitors

  • Gold Sponsor

    Finesse Solutions, Inc at BioPharma India 2016
  • Gold Sponsor

    Merck Pte Ltd at BioPharma India 2016
  • Silver Sponsor

    Abbott Informatics at BioPharma India 2016
  • Silver Sponsor

    Wipro GE Healthcare at BioPharma India 2016
  • Associate Sponsor

    Thermo Scientific Part of Thermo Fisher Scientific at BioPharma India 2016
  • Exhibitor

    ACROBiosystems Inc. at BioPharma India 2016
  • Exhibitor

    BioPharmaSpec at BioPharma India 2016
  • Exhibitor

    Kaneka Corporation at BioPharma India 2016
  • Exhibitor

    Malvern Aimil Instruments Pvt Ltd at BioPharma India 2016
  • Exhibitor

    Mitsubishi Chemical India Pvt. Ltd. at BioPharma India 2016
  • Exhibitor

    NanoTemper Technologies at BioPharma India 2016
  • Exhibitor

    Prometic Biosciences at BioPharma India 2016
  • Exhibitor

    PLUSS Advanced Technologies at BioPharma India 2016
  • Exhibitor

    Unchained Labs at BioPharma India 2016




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