Vibhor Gupta | Entrepreneur In Residence
Nexgen Capital Ventures

Vibhor Gupta, Entrepreneur In Residence, Nexgen Capital Ventures

Vibhor is an entrepreneur in residence at Nexgen Capital Ventures where he is involved in deal flow and leading creative technological opportunties within Life Sciences following his breadth of experience in industry and academia over the last 16 years. Prior to this role, Vibhor has served in various positions ranging from technical bioinformatics roles, sales (of software technology products) and executive management. Vibhor started and built the European business for Quantum Secure, which was an enterprise software solutions provider and was successfully acquired in 2015. Most recently he served as a Senior Vice President at Seven Bridges Genomics which provides cloud (SaaS) based bioinformatics solutions for the Life Sciences industry. Vibhor has also worked as a management and technology consultant for Deloitte. His academic career focused on bioinformatics, epigenetics and molecular biology studies in oncology and infectious diseases.
Vibhor has access to an extensive network in the industry and was recently honoured as an advisor to two prominent organisations, HealthEx and FrontLine Genomics. He was also a Technology Lead on ASIS's UK committee, which is the largest professional body for CSOs and CISOs in the world.


BioData West- NASA Ames Satellite Conference & Workshops @ 16:10

Investing in healthcare- What you need to be successful with a VC

  • What do pharmaceutical companies and VC’s want to invest in?
  • How are we seeing digital investments paying off across pharma and healthcare?
  • What factors are required to gain successful investment from pharmaceuticals?

BioData West- NASA Ames Satellite Conference & Workshops @ 17:10

VC and Investors Showcase

15:50- SpliceCore: Drug Target Discovery with Splicing AI
Martin Akerman, CTO, Cofounder, Envisagenics
16:00-  Autism Diagnostics Technologies
Nick Poulios​, Chief Strategy Officer​, Autism Diagnostics
16:10 - Mendel.AI
Ashkon Zariv, Technical Lead, Mendel.AI
16:20 – Elastic Genomics
Chris Probert, Founder, Elastic Genomics (in stealth mode)
16:30- Improve patient identification in cardiovascular by using machine learning – concrete case
Adrien Rousset, Innovation Manager, Amgen
16:50-  ProteinQure Inc
Mark Fingerhuth, CEO and Founder, ProteinQure Inc
Pangaea Group 
Vibhor Gupta, Director, Pangea Group


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