Sylvain Costes | Lead scientist for GeneLab

Sylvain Costes, Lead scientist for GeneLab, NASA

At NASA I lead the scientific team of GeneLab to understand cutting-edge biology experiments conducted in space. GeneLab gathers spaceflight genomic data, RNA and protein expression, and metabolic profiles. Our platform interfaces with existing databases for expanded research, offers tools to conduct data analysis, and creates a place online where scientists, researchers, teachers and students can connect with their peers, share their results, and communicate with NASA.

As a Principal Investigator at NASA Ames, my research group is continuing to develop state of the art research technology focused on image algorithms, molecular markers and microscopy modalities to screen phenotypes of early events in cancer progression and radiation-induced cancer, with a strong support from mathematical models and computer automata.

Exogen Biotechnology Inc. has moved to more independent activities from Dr. Costes, providing services for DNA damage and high throughput radiation biomarkers to universities and research institutes.
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BioData West: Day 2 @ 08:50

NASA GeneLab Project: using multi-omics to understand how space impacts life

  • Inferring knowledge from diverse datasets using new NASA tools 
  • GeneLab data: factors influencing life in the space shuttle and the ISS including radiation and microgravity and what this means for humans back on earth 
  • How to engage a larger community via higher order data and analysis working group
  • How to transfer the power of NASA based technologies into healthcare through collaborative efforts like NCI and NASA

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