Sergio Baranzini | Professor

Sergio Baranzini, Professor, UCSF


BioData West: Day 1 @ 12:20


        1) Integrating EMR - Integration of electronic medical records with a biomedical knowledge network to predict medical outcomes
Chair: Sergio Baranzini, Professor UCSF

        2)  Collaboration - How to enable researchers to use data and collaborate easier?
Chair: Christopher Riley, Research Administration Manager, The Institute for Precision Cardiovascular Medicine

       3) Quantum Computing -  Where are we and what we are doing?
Chair: Handol Kim, General Manager, Quadrant Machine Learning Business Unit, D-Wave Systems, Inc

       4) CLSA California - Partnering and driving a hot bed of translational medicine in California
Chair: Sara Radcliff, President and Chief Executive Officer, California Life Sciences Association

       5) Electronic Consent - How to develop an electronic e-trial strategy effectively?
Chair: Megan Doerr, Principal Scientist, Sage Bionetworks
Sarah Meeder, Research Compliance Specialist, CUNY

       6) Personal Genetic Testing - What are the impacts and implications?
Chair: Westyn Branch-Elliman, Instructor in Medicine, Harvard Medical School
       7) Drug Discovery - Expediting the drug development through genomics, structural and cultural changes 
Chair: Nadeem Sarwar, President, AiM Institute, Eisai
       8) Big Data and the CNS - using big data datasets and approaches in the development of medicines for CNS indications including NDDs and pain/migraine disorders
Chair: Michael Burczynski, Senior Director and Head of Translational Biomarker Research, Early Stage Development, Teva

       9) Stem Cells & Rare Disseises - How to develop an infrastructure in which researchers can be connected with patients and tools to develop therapies

     10) Text mining and Image Recognition - Developing new tools
Chair: Karim Galil, CEO, Mendel Health

     11) Scientific Software- Enabling research at Verily
Chair: Mauricio Carneiro, Head of Scientific Software, Verily (Google Life Sciences)

     12) Standards in Genetic Testing – Setting the benchmark in quality data sets
Chair: Robert Burton, Founder and CEO, Center for Genomic Interpretation

Integrating EMR: Integration of electronic medical records with a biomedical knowledge network to predict medical outcomes

BioData West: Day 1 @ 15:40

Systems biology approaches to determine the cell-specific gene regulatory potential of genetic associations in complex diseases

  • Genetic association studies identify risk DNA variants but fall short of providing a biological context
  • How UCSFe integrated GWAS data with regulatory information from ENCODE and REP and built cell-specific biological risk networks
  • How UCSF employed this approach to create individualized cell-specific risk networks to characterize risk in more than 2000 patients   

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