Sandy Aronson | Executive Director of Information Technology
Partners HealthCare Personalized Medicine

Sandy Aronson, Executive Director of Information Technology, Partners HealthCare Personalized Medicine

Sandy Aronson is the Executive Director of IT for Partners HealthCare Personalized Medicine.  His team develops IT infrastructure required to support the evolution and practice of genetic based personalized medicine in both patient facing and laboratory settings.    The system ecosystem the team maintains enables a real time continuous learning process.  These processes allows laboratories to harnesses their clinical testing flows to advance knowledge surrounding genetic variation and the deliver this knowledge in near real time to clinicians treating patients.  The team is also developing the Health Innovation Platform (HIP) to facilitate the introduction of app based IT interventions into the electronic health record ecosystem.
Mr. Aronson is one of the founders of GeneInsight.  Prior to his work at Partners HealthCare, Mr. Aronson also held several positions with Sapient Corporation, was a Monitor Company consultant and founded LearningAction. Mr. Aronson holds a Masters in Organizational Behavior and a Bachelors in Computer Science from Stanford University. He also received a Masters in Biology from Harvard Extension School.


BioData West: Day 1 @ 09:00

Where does emerging technology such as AI, precision medicine and next generation diagnostics fit into a health system- What is the value? Where is the evidence? How do you persuade us to implement?

  • Is the clinic ready for the influx of new precision medicines?
  • What are CIOs at large healthcare systems looking for to drive precision medicine into the clinic? 
  • What value has been generated to health systems through precision medicine? Are we focusing on the right priorities?

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