Robert Burton | Co-founder and President
Center for Genomic Interpretation

Robert Burton, Co-founder and President, Center for Genomic Interpretation

Dr. Burton is the President and Co-founder of the Center for Genomic Interpretation. He has managed external and internal research and development and productization efforts and delivered complex technical projects in clinical diagnostics, genomics database development, and other cross-functional projects for 23andMe, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA), and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).


BioData West: Day 1 @ 12:20


        1) Integrating EMR - Integration of electronic medical records with a biomedical knowledge network to predict medical outcomes
Chair: Sergio Baranzini, Professor UCSF

        2)  Collaboration - How to enable researchers to use data and collaborate easier?
Chair: Christopher Riley, Research Administration Manager, The Institute for Precision Cardiovascular Medicine

       3) Quantum Computing -  Where are we and what we are doing?
Chair: Handol Kim, General Manager, Quadrant Machine Learning Business Unit, D-Wave Systems, Inc

       4) CLSA California - Partnering and driving a hot bed of translational medicine in California
Chair: Sara Radcliff, President and Chief Executive Officer, California Life Sciences Association

       5) Electronic Consent - How to develop an electronic e-trial strategy effectively?
Chair: Megan Doerr, Principal Scientist, Sage Bionetworks
Sarah Meeder, Research Compliance Specialist, CUNY

       6) Personal Genetic Testing - What are the impacts and implications?
Chair: Westyn Branch-Elliman, Instructor in Medicine, Harvard Medical School
       7) Drug Discovery - Expediting the drug development through genomics, structural and cultural changes 
Chair: Nadeem Sarwar, President, AiM Institute, Eisai
       8) Big Data and the CNS - using big data datasets and approaches in the development of medicines for CNS indications including NDDs and pain/migraine disorders
Chair: Michael Burczynski, Senior Director and Head of Translational Biomarker Research, Early Stage Development, Teva

       9) Stem Cells & Rare Disseises - How to develop an infrastructure in which researchers can be connected with patients and tools to develop therapies

     10) Text mining and Image Recognition - Developing new tools
Chair: Karim Galil, CEO, Mendel Health

     11) Scientific Software- Enabling research at Verily
Chair: Mauricio Carneiro, Head of Scientific Software, Verily (Google Life Sciences)

     12) Standards in Genetic Testing – Setting the benchmark in quality data sets
Chair: Robert Burton, Founder and CEO, Center for Genomic Interpretation

Standards in genetic testing – Setting the benchmark in quality data sets

BioData West: Day 2 @ 15:40


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