Marvin Weinstein | Co-founder Quantum Insights
Quantum Insights

Marvin Weinstein, Co-founder Quantum Insights, Quantum Insights

Today businessmen and scientists alike expect big data to help solve their problems. Unfortunately they don’t really know how to make this happen. Approaches like predictive analytics, deep learning and other another magic bullets all have the same Achilles heel. They either assume a hypothetical model of the data, assume what information is waiting to be found, or assume how many classes of things (clusters) exist. The problem with assumptions is that they are dangerous. They bias the outcome of an analysis, and - if one makes assumptions to clean the data – they can result in discarding important, unexpected information. Quantum Insights' patented DQC (Dynamic Quantum Clustering) technology produces a simple to understand density map animation (a movie that maps out the shape of high density regions in the data) avoids these problems and reveals simple clusters and unexpected extended structures hidden in the majority of big datasets. When these extended structures exist they uncover previously unknown models that are hidden from view by errors and statistical fluctuations in the data. The information encoded in the density map animations are key to converting what is merely a huge amount of data into actionable insights.


BioData West: Day 2 @ 12:00

Revolutionary DQC Analysis New Results From Old Data

  • Data Exploration vs Data Analytics: Seeing Everything In Data
  • Why Do Conventional Approaches Fail At This?
  • What Are The Barriers to Adoption Of Data Exploration As The Precursor to Data Analysis

BioData West: Day 2 @ 15:40


Round Table 1
Augmenting Human Intelligence through AI
Prasun Mishra, Founder and CEO Agility Pharmaceuticals, CEO, American Association for Precision Medicine  

Round Table 2
How will we use and interact with BioData during the next five years?
Marvin Weinstein, CEO & Founder, Quantum Insights

Round Table 3 
The Power of Epigenomics- From Age Prediction to Precision Medicine
Jeffrey Bhasin, Director of Informatics, Zymo

Round Table 4
AI/Machine learning and drug safety: A short introduction 
Anupam Agarwal, Head, Global Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance, Zogenix
Elizabeth Baca, Senior Health Advisor Governor's Office of Planning and Research, State of California Governor's Office of Planning and Research
Neel Madhukar, Runway Startup Postdoc, Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute, Cornell Tech

Round Table 5
GeneLab-  Determining potential countermeasures against Spaceflight from existing drugs 
Afshin Beheshti, Bioinformatician and Data Analyst, NASA

Round Table 6- 
Multimodel Integration- New AI methods
Adam Godzik, Director and Professor, Bioinformatics and Structural Biology Program,
Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute

Quantum Computing - A short course introduction to the possibilities

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