Katie Miller | Project Scientist
Nationwide Children's Hospital

Katie Miller, Project Scientist, Nationwide Children's Hospital


BioData West- NASA Ames Satellite Conference & Workshops @ 13:30

Cardio Genomics eXchange commons (CGX): A cloud-based collaboration platform for the analysis and exchange of genome sequencing data

  • Development of a ‘Genome Dashboard’ that allows users to interactively explore genome sequencing data and identify disease-causing variants in individuals with cardiovascular disease (CVD). 
  • Integrating informatics resources that provide information about the clinical interpretation of specific genomic findings previously reported in humans
  • Merging Genome Dashboard into the cloud-based American Heart Association Precision Medicine Platform to create a genomics platform called CardioGenomics eXchange commons (CGX).
  • Creating a cloud-based data commons where researchers can collaboratively analyze and share genomic data from CVD patients to advance precision medicine initiatives and accelerate genetic findings associated with heart disease

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