Justin Aronson | Founder

Justin Aronson, Founder, VariantExplorer.org

Justin Aronson is a 9th grade high school student and the founder of variantexplorer.org. This website assists laboratories in determining whether their genetic variant classifications conflict with the assessments of other laboratories.  The project takes data that was opened to the public by ClinVar, and presents it in a streamlined manner.  As someone who benefitted from data made publicly available by ClinVar, Justin has become interested in ways to promote and leverage data democratization.


BioData West: Day 2 @ 15:40


  • Solving the dilemma of data democratization: current methodologies for freeing data from stasis
  • Dollars vs Altruism: Utilizing novel technologies such as block chain to provide a financial ecosystem to allow for data sharing 
  • How to leverage usability of phenotypic and genotypic data through computational efforts to create a graphical database 

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