Gerald Higgins | Professor
University of Michigan Medical School

Gerald Higgins, Professor, University of Michigan Medical School

Dr. Gerald A. Higgins is Research Professor of Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics at the University of Michigan Medical School. His background includes chief of molecular neurobiology at the NIH, VP of R&D of Laerdal Medical Corporation, CIO of MedStar Health Hospital network, several startup companies, and VP of pharmacogenomic science at Assurex (now Myriad Genetics). His research combines expertise in pharmacogenomics, psychiatry, and computational analysis to understand human brain networks involved in psychotropic drug response. His recent research has demonstrated that HDAC inhibitors such as valproic acid work in human CNS to change astrocytes into neural progenitor cells following injury, by altering nuclear shape into a relaxed pluripotent state, activating transcriptional programs of neurogenesis. His research has also demonstrated the plasticity of human CNS network topology in addiction and resiliency. His work using artificial intelligence emphasizes pharmacology expertise combined with development of UX (user interface) design to enhance understanding by experimental biologists.


BioData West: Day 1 @ 14:40

Novel CNS drug targets in the regulome identified by deep learning

  • How to use domain expert knowledge-driven deep learning of pharmaco-phenomic datasets to yield abundant human CNS drug targets
  • Moving beyond the known "reader, writer and eraser" proteins: using computational methodologies to identify more selective candidates
  • Utilizing a spatial, longitudinal and biomechanical dynamical analysis of the output to reveal previously unknown network-based drug targets

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