Brandon Allgood | Chief Technology Officer
Numerate Inc

Brandon Allgood, Chief Technology Officer, Numerate Inc

Brandon Allgood is CTO and a cofounder at Numerate.  He manages Numerate's software engineering team and is responsible for the development of the company's technology platform. He has a Ph.D. in Computational Physics from the University of California, Santa Cruz. Brandon has over 15 years of experience in large scale computing, machine learning and mathematical modeling.


BioData West: Day 1 @ 11:20

Rethinking predictive modelling in the age of AI

  • How Numerate’s platform drives programs by following signals and unlocking low through-put / high content biology 
  • Applying similar modeling techniques with publicly available data in order to successfully model a vast number of sources of preclinical attrition (ADME and tox)
  • Why pharma and health systems need to start sharing data to guarantee the success of predictive modelling 

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