Alex Zhavoronkov | CEO
Insilico Medicine, Inc

Alex Zhavoronkov, CEO, Insilico Medicine, Inc


BioData West: Day 1 @ 08:25

Chairman's Opening Remarks

BioData West: Day 1 @ 15:20

Developing new drug targets for aging through novel insilico methodologies

  • Aging has become a major risk factor for many diseases including cancer, diabetes, heart disease and dementia
  • Defining new tools for the applications of aging research and information technology 
  • Empowering new business models, regulation, comprehensive and integrated set of aging biomarkers 
  • New engagements with large pharmaceutical companies and investors to fully drive the field forwards

BioData West: Day 1 @ 18:00

AI - The Ethical Debate

  • With unprecedented data sharing via the cloud we have been provided with vast data lakes at our fingertips. 
  • Harnessing meaning from this data is possible through AI. 
  • However, as AI advances we are unable to always disseminate why or how it has deduced meaning from the data.
  • With garbage in garbage out does AI become biased?

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