Adrien Rousset | Innovation Lead - Patient ID & Predictive Analytics

Adrien Rousset, Innovation Lead - Patient ID & Predictive Analytics, Amgen


BioData West- NASA Ames Satellite Conference & Workshops @ 17:10

VC and Investors Showcase

15:50- SpliceCore: Drug Target Discovery with Splicing AI
Martin Akerman, CTO, Cofounder, Envisagenics
16:00-  Autism Diagnostics Technologies
Nick Poulios​, Chief Strategy Officer​, Autism Diagnostics
16:10 - Mendel.AI
Ashkon Zariv, Technical Lead, Mendel.AI
16:20 – Elastic Genomics
Chris Probert, Founder, Elastic Genomics (in stealth mode)
16:30- Improve patient identification in cardiovascular by using machine learning – concrete case
Adrien Rousset, Innovation Manager, Amgen
16:50-  ProteinQure Inc
Mark Fingerhuth, CEO and Founder, ProteinQure Inc
Pangaea Group 
Vibhor Gupta, Director, Pangea Group


BioData West: Day 2 @ 09:30

Using Machine Learning to crack Cardiovascular Risk Prediction?

Can we improve existing solutions?
Can we address unmet medical needs?
What is the best compromise for application in clinical practice?

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