Exaptive Inc


Exaptive’s mission is to use software to facilitate data-driven innovation. We offer a software development platform for programmers and data scientists. Like digital music platforms have allowed music lovers to consume music with greater ease and more control, the Exaptive Studio enables users to work with data faster, more flexibly, and more creatively. This ease enables greater experimentation, outside-the-box thinking, and cross-disciplinary inspiration that leads to more breakthroughs. 
Exaptive also offers consulting services that utilize our platform to develop prototypes to enterprise-ready data applications for organizations who need speed and access to expertise. We helped a global non-profit develop targeted malnutrition interventions though machine learning and interactive visualizations. We developed powerful decision support tools for clients in the healthcare and personalized medicine space, improving access to data and outcomes for patients. And we used text analytics and full-text search to help researchers organize their knowledge and discover new areas of exploration.