American Heart Association: Pre-Conference Workshop

American Heart Association

PRECISION MEDICINE: Leveraging New Technologies to Drive Scientific Discovery

The American Heart Association’s Institute for Precision Cardiovascular Medicine was established in 2013 to play a leading role in advancing precision medicine in cardiovascular disease and stroke care by investing in the technology needed by today’s scientists and by designing and funding the research agenda. Precision medicine requires new research models, unprecedented access to massive data sets, the leveraging of technology to drive analytical insights, and focused training for the next-generation of researchers. This workshop will help attendees gain insights into how new technologies and approaches to analyzing data are dramatically changing the way scientific research is conducted. It will also offer attendees an introduction to the AHA’s Precision Medicine Platform, a secure, cloud-based data and technology solution which provides data scientists access to massive datasets and collaborative workspaces in which they can apply a series of analytical tools to their data to drive their research. 

Part 1: Understanding the role of data harmonization, artificial intelligence, and machine learning in precision medicine

Dr. Mark Musen , Professor of Medicine (Medical Bioinformatics) and of Biomedical Data Science, Stanford University
An expert on intelligent systems, clinical decision support, and open science, Dr. Musen will speak on “Learning from Other People’s Data: Challenges in Developing a Data Commons for Precision Medicine”

Janet Hall , Director of Product Development, Institute for Precision Cardiovascular Medicine, American Heart Association
Prad Prasoon , Emerging Business & Technologies Strategies Leader, American Heart Association

Part 2: Introduction to AHA's Precision Cardiovascular Medicine Platform

This part of the workshop will demonstrate how AHA’s Precision Medicine Platform enables data scientists to search, discover, connect, and analyze data using the state-of-the art analytical tools and collaborative capabilities in the platform’s workspaces, which have been designed specifically for bioinformaticists and other data scientists who are seeking solutions for cardiovascular disease and brain health. AHA’s Laura Stevens, Research Fellow, American Heart Association, will take attendees through a use case, highlighting her own research using the platform. Afterwards, attendees will have the opportunity to gain hands on experience with the platform via a series of use cases. Attendees will also be given five free hours to the platform as a takeaway for attending the workshop.