Zahid Mahmood | CEO
Himalaya Airways

Zahid Mahmood, CEO, Himalaya Airways

I initiated Himalaya Airways as an entrepreneurial project
in the airline industry. Being CEO to the Himalaya I am
looking after development of Market Analysis, Market
Propagation and Marketing Strategies for South Asia, UAE
and Middle East. With the strong command over Project
Management I am exploring Project Development and
Management for the development of the airline in the local
and international market. Setting up the world class
standards for the best human resources I am focusing the
personal development of my team in the concerned areas as
well in the relevant fields. Satisfying my objectives for the
prosper airline I am sharing my expertise to the best chosen
people for the voyage. As a keen interest in the
development of the aviation education I developed Pakistan
First and Only Aviation Institute; Institute of Aviation and
Technology in Pakistan and after a hard work I managed to
take it to the international front as Institute of Aviation and
Technology Dubai. My keen interest and passion to the
development of aviation never let me stop struggling and I
based FREESKY as EASA Part66 AME License
Examination Consultancy in UAE for the progression of
EASA to the Pakistan and Pakistani Aviation. There are
more to come efforts are gathering again for the next flight
of success.


Aviation Show MENASA 2017 day 2 @ 12:20

CASE STUDY: Asia: the golden opportunity for LCCs

  •     Understanding the exponential growth of LCCs in Asia 
  •     Identifying the decreasing importance of FSC in the region 
  •     Discovering the middle class millennial opportunity in Asia
  •     Identifying the North as the growth region of Asia

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