Salman Khan | Researcher
Toulouse Business School

Salman Khan, Researcher, Toulouse Business School

Salman Khan is an Aviation Management Professional (AvMP), holding a marketing specialized bachelors, masters, and doctorate in business administration. He has years of professional experience in branding, communications, and marketing. As a visiting lecturer at EduPristine, he delivers digital marketing courses to working professionals. Currently, he is pursuing research at Toulouse Business School in the area of corporate reputation management in the context of Aviation industry.


Aviation Show MENASA 2017 day 2 @ 15:20

PANEL: Discussing the importance of disruption management

  •     Utlising each arm of the airline to meet customer expectation
  •     Using digital channels to reach out to all passengers 
  •     Social media as a key customer contact method
  •     Overcoming disruption with preparation, impact and recovery
  •     Redefining disruption management with predictive and proactive strategies

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