Ravinder (Ravi) Pal Singh | Chief Information & Innovation Officer
Vistara (TATA SIA Airlines Limited)

Ravinder (Ravi) Pal Singh, Chief Information & Innovation Officer, Vistara (TATA SIA Airlines Limited)

Ravinder Pal Singh (Ravi) is an award winning technologist and has fathered various IT organisations and created their future technology avatars. Ravi is global speaker and international seasoned traveller with an extensive global experience ranging from strategy to execution in 5 continents. He is also a holder, in his personal capacity, of several technologies patents, advance practitioner of yoga and can fly aircraft.
In recent past he has been associated with a leader in technology and big 4 management consulting firm to help their Fortune 500 customers and government institutions in transformation. In his last tenure at a leading Aviation Engineering Services firm Ravi realised 4 digit % increment in digitisation amidst constraint of cash and culture to achieve non-linear business growth (34x) across multiple continents.
Now as Chief of Information and Innovation he is helping Tata-SIA (Vistara) to consolidate, identify, acquire, evaluate and incubate right technology for its business. He will also induce innovation and thoughtfulness as core to Vistara’s culture thus by creating communities and co-creation to realize ideas as true business differentiators.


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