Kazi Shafiqur Rahman | Founder and CEO
Firnas Airways

Kazi Shafiqur Rahman, Founder and CEO, Firnas Airways

Kazi Shafiqur Rahman has been listed in the British Bangladeshi Who’s who 2015 and has been awarded the British Muslim Awards Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 by Al Rayan Bank PLC UK.
He is the Co-Founder of successful Arabian Fine Fragrance business, SUNNAMUSK LONDON, a company he started seven years ago with just £600. Today, SUNNAMUSK LONDON boasts a strong London retail presence and Kazi has set his sights on growing the company to become the number one UK Arabian fragrance business.


Aviation Show MENASA 2017 day 2 @ 16:00

Keynote Panel: The start-up challenge

Join us as we test CXOs from all corners of the board on their role, best practices and experiences in building a successful airline from scratch  

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