Fatou Gueye | Head of Product Economy & Premium Economy
Air France

Fatou Gueye, Head of Product Economy & Premium Economy, Air France

Engineer by training graduated in Telecom, Aeronautics and Civil Aviation, with a Master of Science in Project Management and System Engineering, I joined Air France in December 2008 after having worked two years and a half at Amadeus as Business Analyst in the South of France. Before being appointed at my current position, I worked at improving various internal complex information systems. Now in charge of both products and service design,  my mission as Head of Economy & Premium Economy Customer Experience  in few words is to "take the long haul customer experience to the next level".


Aviation Show MENASA 2017 day 1 @ 16:00

Discovering premium economy

  •     Making luxury affordable 
  •     Diversifying from the traditional 3 classes of flying 
  •     Increasing pitch as an added luxury  
  •     Pulling passengers from economy class rather than business class  
  •     Balancing luxury with costs to remain profitable 

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