The African aviation market is thriving. With increasing population growth, higher demand for low cost travel and the newly announced, single connected sky to increase exposure to new regions, there are plenty opportunities and disruptors to be discussed and debated. The one-day, Aviation in Africa briefing day, is the only event in the region that will gather together industry leaders from Africa’s FSCs, LCCs and airports. Attendees will not only discuss traditional industry trends, but will explore the latest world-class technologies and emerging digital tools and innovations available to further propel the African aviation industry. 


Con Korfiatis

Herve Gueusquin

Chief Executive Officer

SAGA, Salel and Gulf Airlines, Chad

Ali Al-Hamdany

Richard Kyereh

Deputy Head Commercial

Africa World Airlines, Ghana

Aimen Al Hosni

Jean-Marie Lussamaki

Chief Technical Officer

Congo Airways, Democratic Republic of Congo

Con Korfiatis

Desire Balazire

Chief Executive Officer

Congo Airways, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Sudeep Ghai

Aaron Munetsi

Regional General Manager: Middle East & Africa

South African Airways, South Africa

Herve Gueusquin

Nowel Ngala

Commercial Director

ASKY Airlines, Togo

Sebastian Mikosz

Maxime Toe

Chief Commercial Officer

Air Burkina, Burkina Faso

Tewolde GebreMariam

Tewolde GebreMariam

Group Chief Executive Officer

Ethiopian Airlines, Ethiopia

Aviation in Africa: the Briefing Day


Africa Briefing Day

The future for aviation in Africa in a single, connected sky

  • Working, following and strategising under one common regulatory framework
  • Facilitating positive change in Africa’s aviation industry – looking to partnerships and connectivity
  • Exploring the opportunity and reach of new routes and destinations
  • Preparing for growth and aligning infrastructure requirements
  • Committing to SAATM, African Union’s Africa 2063 and pan-African integration and intra-continent development
  • Competing vs collaborating with local, western and worldwide airlines
Africa Briefing Day

Panel: A view from the regions: reacting to industry opportunities, challenges and threats

  • Looking to the views and challenges met by different geographical regions
  • Attracting, accommodating and engaging all passengers
  • Reaching the large youth population, assisting harder to reach passengers and appealing to international travelling millennials
  • Embracing digital innovations in travel technology
  • Evading cyber threats, crime prevention, protecting systems and data
  • Responding to wider industry risks and understanding the consequences
Africa Briefing Day

Returning to profitability: connecting Africa with larger fleets, wider routes and extended network development

  • Facilitating business travel: connecting neighbouring cities and integrating global hubs
  • Increasing traffic and reducing costs business-wide
  • Tapping into the sky-high potential within the emerging African markets
  • Developing infrastructure to keep up with the growing economy and passenger numbers
  • Overcoming regional specific challenges: fuel cost, currencies and competition
Africa Briefing Day

Networking break and refreshments


Africa Briefing Day

Integrating technology: innovating with world class technology

  • Exploring the capabilities of tech for both airlines and airports in Africa
  • Improving customer satisfaction and loyalty with personalised tech
  • Adopting biometrics to airport procedures for improved systems, safety and speed
  • Using technology to streamline operations, cut costs and react to the increasing pace of change
  • Building partnerships for innovation with the wider travel ecosystem: weighing opportunities vs costs
Africa Briefing Day

Sidestepping traditional distribution and customer experiences: modernised and mobile

  • Using mobile technology to facilitate check in, boarding, travel updates and personalised communication
  • Enabling all passengers with flexible, digital cross border or offline payment capabilities
  • Ensuring wider prosperity and accessibility with innovative distribution models adding supermarkets
  • Establishing a customer centric, personalised strategy with mobile
  • Collecting and analysing big data for personalised offers, upselling ancillaries, dynamic pricing and order management
Africa Briefing Day

Modernised marketing: achieving success with digital tools

  • Developing robust marketing arrangements and social media strategies
  • Integrating digital marketing technology and automated marketing capacity for wider reach and maximum conversion
  • Harnessing change with innovation in marketing: discovering interactive airport marketing and running campaigns through multiple channels
  • Reaching a new, pan-African consumer base with innovative marketing tools and outlets
Africa Briefing Day

Connectivity and IFE: a transformative revolution

  • Taking inflight entertainment to the next level for enhanced passenger experiences
  • Supporting the application of connected digital systems for African LCCs, FSCs and hybrids and keeping up with advanced airlines
  • Acclimatising to the expectations of both the contemporary and future traveller: appealing to the millennial generation
  • Strategising effective IFE implication methods, integrating immersive AR and VR technology and supporting BYOD
  • Evaluating spend vs ROI: impact on bottom lineEnquire now to sponsor this session
Africa Briefing Day


Africa Briefing Day

Networking lunch


Africa Briefing Day

Developing regional LCCs in Africa: connecting the continent and making commercial sense

  • Challenges of launching and executing business in new, unpredictable markets
  • Turning the ‘unflown’ and non-flyers into passengers
  • Revitalising the continent’s transport system with affordable, low cost travel
  • Connecting mid-sized cities directly and integrating cost-conscious corporate bookings
  • Reviewing accessible booking and payment processes
  • Evaluating one-way pricing and mix and match itineraries and meeting the requirements of a fluid consumer base
  • Overcoming challenges with digital capabilities
Africa Briefing Day

Surviving a competitive market place: establishing a sound customer base

  • Achieving profitability with innovative, forward thinking business models
  • Analysing LCC vs FSC vs hybrids mapping out the competition
  • Flying past the perceived airlines of choice
  • Offering premium products from premium cabin, food and beverages and seat selection
  • Establishing attractive frequent flier programme and building loyalty in price sensitive markets
  • Weighing comfort with flexible price points: attracting every passenger
Africa Briefing Day

Achieving success with ancillaries

  • Reviewing opportunities in onboard selling
  • Catering for the demands of the growing middle classes
  • Upselling ancillary products pre, during and post flight
  • Expanding sales across all channels and touch points
  • Maximising efficiency with automation and data analysis
  • Turning increasing demand and growing revenue into widespread overall profitEnquire now to sponsor this session
Africa Briefing Day

Afternoon break


Africa Briefing Day

An infrastructure upgrade: efficient provision for airlines and airports

  • Building the enabling infrastructure to:o cope with increasing air travel demando fight competition from western carrierso react to changing consumer behaviours
  • Effectively establishing trans African routes and connecting cities with expanded fleets
  • Implementing sound technological infrastructure in the air and on the ground
  • Employing the infrastructure for steady journey flow, ease and customer centricity: smart signs, beacons, automated technology
Africa Briefing Day

Accommodating and adopting effective IT infrastructure: data and analytics

  • Evaluating the methodologies and processes for big data collection and analysis
  • Reaching optimal personalised experiences across the end to end customer journey with real time and collected data
  • Embedding business wide cyber security strategies
  • Utilising data to limit disruption, manage flight efficiency and monitor fuel usage
  • Equipping workforces with qualified human capital for measurable success
Africa Briefing Day

Close of briefing day

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