ICTS Europe Systems


ICTS Europe has long been a name synonymous with aviation security solutions. A world leader in its field, ICTS has been at the forefront of the global Aviation Security Sector for over two decades, building an unrivalled reputation for professional integrity, service quality, innovation and commercial ethos. Fast-growing and dynamic, with cutting-edge technology solutions to complement a wide range of services, ICTS attributes its continuing success to uncompromising commitment to serving our clients, with respect to their resources and objectives.

Founded in 1982, ICTS grew in the ensuing years to become a major global player dedicated to the provision of Aviation Security Services. Building upon the continuing success of the Company, ICTS has developed a wide customer base, expanding its operations across Europe and worldwide. At present, ICTS Europe comprises 27 group members and partnerships, operating in 81 locations in 24 countries across the world, employing some 12,000 staff.

ICTS’ sustainable growth is attributed almost solely to organic growth, reflecting the industry's appreciation of the value we deliver to our clients.