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Next Generation Airline Retailing

4th September | 09:25–10:55

Airlines customer behaviour is changing because the internet has fundamentally reshaped how customers buy travel. This customer behaviour is, in turn, driving a sea of change in how airlines think about their selling and disruption capabilities. 

Airlines have to be dramatically more effective in how they sell, so that their customers find the value they seek. To deliver this value, airlines have to see themselves as retailers of products and services rather than just ‘seat sellers’.

This workshop will explore the approaches and strategies to create winning airline retail solutions.








Overcoming Disruption Management Workshop

4th September | 11:30–13:00

What does the good look like? 

During this workshop, with the cooperation of two of our partners in the Disruption area, Stranded Flight Solutions and 15below, we will look at how the good looks like at the airport during disruptive times. It is during challenging times when we need to feel we are not alone as passengers and when our airline customers need to be fully in control to demonstrate the travelers are cared for and ultimate the customer experience will be improved.
Stranded Flight Solutions, provides a better - personalized and without waiting in line - recovery services facilitating by instantly bookable worldwide hotel accommodation, transportation and refreshment vouchers. Virtual Credit Card (VCN) integration, also usable for compensation payments, and end-to-end accounting is part of the SFS360 platform.
15below is a world-leading passenger notifications provider for the travel industry, and experts in disruption communications management. Over 50 airlines use the 15below notifications platform to keep passengers and staff informed, and in control, during travel disruption.
And what’s better than seeing a real example on how we are working with our customers in the area of disruption, Tuija Makkonen, Head of Customer Experience Applications in Finnair, one of our strategic airline partners, will be sharing with the audience their experience, process and the tools end to end.
In this workshop you will get a 360 view on how we can provide you with the tools to bring the good at disruption times working in a Simple, Agile and Open way, with our customers and partners.