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Travel and ​Transportation

Escape the inertia keeping your systems confined
A vision for your airline’s future is critical. Especially in today’s environment.

Travelers demand more than ever before. They want ease, choice, and efficiency, but have no patience for delays or long lines. New competitors are eager to disrupt the industry—and scoop up your customers.

Economic conditions remain consistently unpredictable. As do the regulations guiding the industry. Further complicating matters are the new technologies your customers expect and your shareholders demand, like mobile access and instant re-accommodations.
Traditionally, you might address these changes by fine-tuning legacy technologies, processes, and systems to suit the latest market needs. But you can’t solve today’s problems with yesterday’s systems. Doing so limits your scope, keeps your capabilities confined, and prevents you from capitalizing on new opportunities.

Instead, you need to identify a new operational model—one that allows you to predict, anticipate, and drive disruption.

With Unisys, you’ll break your dependence traditional models and systems. With our combination of products, solutions, and services, you can seize more opportunities, upend the status quo, and stay miles ahead of the competition.



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