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Switchfly, Inc., is a travel commerce platform for direct channel booking that drives maximum loyalty and revenue for its clients. Through the company’s global network of ancillary merchandise for activity, air, car, hotel and insurance, Switchfly facilitates the redemption of more than 40B points and miles and generates over $3B in revenues for customers each year. The company’s global customer base includes American Airlines, JetBlue and LATAM Airlines; IAG Avios and United MileagePlus; InterContinental Hotels Group, Marriott International and Starwood Hotels and Resorts; Groupon and Living Social; and MasterCard and VISA. For more information, visit www.switchfly.com.
Switchfly will release a new report in Q1 2018 – “The Future of Travel & Loyalty Outlook 2020” – which offers insights on how suppliers and distributors across the airline, hotel and financial services industries can leverage new technology, data and inventory to recalibrate their loyalty strategies, facilitate higher revenue generating opportunities and create better user experiences. In the report, Switchfly analyzes the current state of the travel landscape, including the threats, challenges and opportunities travel merchants face, and provides commentary on how to overcome these complexities in the years to come.
According to Switchfly’s Chief Executive Officer Daniel Farrar—who is featured in the report—the travel industry is experiencing a digital transformation and the opportunities for revenue and loyalty have never been greater. “The future of travel depends on the industry’s ability to re-imagine how it connects loyalty with data and inventory, so travelers can spend more on travel products and services that appeal to them—in less time and with less effort. Those who are successful will present the right inventory to the right customer at the right time, while building loyalty rewards and incentives right into the booking process,” said Farrar.
  • Loyalty
  • Dynamic packaging
  • Brand-matched booking engine
  • Post-Booking
Brand-Matched –Switchfly can power or significantly improve your booking engine, without sending customers to a different site – completely brand matched. With Switchfly’s global inventory network and tools for travel ecommerce, businesses can tailor messaging, merchandise, product offerings and pricing for each customer.
Choice and Control – Switchfly offers a powerful insights tool and real-time business decision engine that integrates member profiles and CRM systems, and allows our clients to increase customer engagement, revenue and control over their business decisions.
Managed Service – With Switchfly’s Managed Service solution, businesses only need to focus on one relationship, one contract and one platform. We do all of the heavy lifting, including negotiating and managing a multitude of vendor contracts and relationships, so clients get built-in choice and ease of implementation, and higher ancillary revenue.
API – Switchfly APIs allow you to quickly gain access to global travel inventory through modular, nimble APIs and developer-friendly tools.


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