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Fusion, a digital optimization company, offers an integrated end-to-end solution for eCommerce companies in the travel/tourism, entertainment, insurance and healthcare industries. Fusion leverages both its optimization platform and consulting expertise to help companies create personalized online experiences for customers, deliver segmented persona based offerings at the point of purchase, and turn sales into repeat business with relevant post-purchase offers. Operating in 46 countries, 31 currencies and 19 languages, Fusion has an extensive track record of successful campaigns with some of the world’s largest companies.


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Conference 5-7 September • Exhibition & Seminars 6-7 September


The Aviation Festival is two events: a world-class international conference featuring leading airline speakers from around the world; and   a technology exhibition showcasing the latest innovations global leaders to the start-ups.   To visit the exhibition is free. There is, naturally, a registration fee to attend the conference.


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