Boeing HorizonX Ventures


Investing in the future

The Boeing HorizonX Ventures’ investment team identifies and invests in startups from around the world who are developing revolutionary concepts and businesses. Our team brings together a diverse background of Boeing knowledge and larger market experience, allowing us to connect our partners with the power of Boeing’s network and resources, while supporting each company’s own business goals.

Beyond investing in businesses, Boeing HorizonX is able to bring Boeing's business capabilities to bear, which includes a supply chain of tens of thousands of partner companies, thousands of engineers, including many world-recognized Technical Fellows. Our state-of-the-art facilities include hundreds of laboratories and the latest technology, enabling our partners to help build the future right along with us.

When we look to invest, we are interested in companies with minimally viable products, potential to scale, and strong management teams. We also look to partner with both professional VCs and corporate VCs to enhance the value of our portfolio companies.


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Conference 4 - 6  September 2019 


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