Axon Vibe

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Axon Vibe is a location-based contextual platform that detects and predicts human behaviour. 


The Axon Vibe’s platform delivers:

1. Smart Travel Assistance. Create a seamless travel experience for each passenger by automatically sending personalized messages and alerts based on each passenger’s unique preferences, context and location (e.g. in case of mass disruptions) and increase customer satisfaction and brand reputation.

2. Ancillary Revenue. Enable contextual moments marketing and cross-selling of third party services with our predictive analysis to develop undiscovered revenues beyond the travel chain.

3. Customer Behavior. Permanent location tracking allows to identify the flight and lifestyle behaviour patterns and preferences of your customers beyond your own route network. Privacy by design in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) creates new business opportunities.


Our contextual platform powers your existing mobile application and helps to reduce end user friction and to deliver moments of serendipity without compromising users’ trust.


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