Yago Casanovas | Head Of Payment And Fraud
Air Europa

Yago Casanovas, Head Of Payment And Fraud, Air Europa

Payments and Fraud Prevention Expert. Conversion Rate Optimization in Ecommerce. Fan of agile methodologies, lean thinking.
I manage the global payment strategy and the fraud prevention in Air Europa. It is an exciting challenge, going from negotiation with suppliers to definition of optimal architecture with our IT team and it comprises the whole range of revenue streams, from the website to the GDS network and from flight tickets to snacks on board.
My knowledge of payment methods preferences and fraud trends across our different destination markets is also key to grow internationally.
I like to keep myself up to date so I am periodically taking courses on different topics related to my area like machine learning and artificial intelligence in general as it has proven to be a great tool against fraud. In the same way I try to go to as many payments and fraud related events as I can. That is where I have gained most of my experience in the field.

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