Vanessa Horwell | Chief Strategy Officer
ThinkInk PR

Vanessa Horwell, Chief Strategy Officer, ThinkInk PR

Vanessa Horwell, founder and Chief Strategy Officer of ThinkInk, is a business media strategist with extensive marketing and public relations expertise serving the airline, travel technology and loyalty industries. In the 15 years since she started ThinkInk, Vanessa has led the company’s strategic direction and campaign development, delivering tangible results for her clients in the travel sector.  A native Australian, she now lives in Miami, Florida.


Aviation Festival - Day 1 @ 11:20


With rising passenger expectations and rapidly-changing technology, how can we as an industry evolve to meet these challenges? Our roundtables are hosted by senior level topic specialists. Participants are asked to introduce themselves to the table, and then as a group, they brainstorm and produce their suggestions on what technology would work best for them.

Building Trust in a New Era: Does your technology company have the right B2B marketing strategy for today’s travel industry?

last published: 13/Aug/18 14:05 GMT

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Conference 5-7 September • Exhibition & Seminars 6-7 September


The Aviation Festival is two events: a world-class international conference featuring leading airline speakers from around the world; and a technology exhibition showcasing the latest innovations global leaders to the start-ups.

To visit the exhibition is free. There is, naturally, a registration fee to attend the conference.


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