Robertjan Groeneveld | Social Media Hub Manager
Royal Klm Dutch Airlines

Robertjan Groeneveld, Social Media Hub Manager, Royal Klm Dutch Airlines

Robertjan Groeneveld is Manager Social Media Hub for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines. Responsible for 250 social media service staff offering 24/7 worldwide service on WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat and KakaoTalk. The service is offered in ten different languages with the drive to respond as soon as possible depending on the urgency of your message. 


Aviation Festival - Day 1 @ 13:15

KLM Case Study: How KLM is taking the next step in using artificial intelligence on social media to provide hybrid “Human+AI” conversations that support their customers?

  • Utilising an AI system that can learn from service agent’s actions and get smarter over time to handle more complex questions
  • Balancing your AI with a human approach so your service agents can focus on questions and conversations with customers that require the human touch.
  • How far can we go with customer service automation without losing the human element completely?

Aviation Festival - Day 1 @ 14:05

Panel discussion: How will conversational customer service (public and private) evolve and how do we balance the bots with a human element to avoid a viral crisis?

  • With an intense focus on private messaging in 2018 how should we cater for and prioritise various types of travellers based on their value to the airline?
  • Customers voices are now louder than ever, how do we create meaningful relationships with customer by listening and resolving their issues at the desired touch point?
  • Can humanity in service help truly differentiate your airline and win the travellers excited by the prospect of a highly engaged personalised experience?
  • How close are we to really breaking down internal silos and allowing social to inform business decisions?
last published: 18/Jul/18 08:15 GMT

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